Delegate your servers

No matter which provider you’re with, we can help you with the administration of your servers with a monthly policy or on demand plan.

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Incident responses
of cybersecurity

If your project has been hacked, we’ll help you solving the problem and we can detect how they did it and also prevent further attacks.

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Custom consultancy for better improvement on your security systems and servers

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Start selling

Digitize your business and bring in new customers selling every products online.

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Solutions for corporate email with the best uptime and features in the market.

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We're a company dedicated to server management, web development and cybersecurity.

  • Server Management

    We can solve any problem with your infrastructure and we bring you monthly administration.

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  • SysAdmin on Demand

    We can help you with the configuration, maintain and solving your servers on demand.

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  • Pentesting

    We can test your system doing ethical hacking and make a security value.

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  • eCommerce

    We develop your online store to increase your sales and reach new clients.

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  • Corporate Email

    We offer the best technologies for corporate email accounts, such as: GSuite and Microsoft Exchange.

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  • Security Incidents Responses

    We act quickly and we do the necessary actions to counter the threats, decreasing damages and helping solving problems.

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