Server management

Our services of monthly server administration helps to keep your server secure, monitoring and available for our engineers to prevent or solve any situation with your services.

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Monitoring 24/7

We use only the best technology to monitoring the security and stability of your server. Through the traffic analysis and real time behavior we can predict possible incidents, we can avoid them and even fix them with our support team.

Predictive, proactive and reactive support

Through an analysis in real time of the resources and behavior or our servers, our system can predict future instabilities or further failures sending an alert to our engineers so we can analyze the treat and notify the client with proposals to avoid the problem.

Our engineers are going to be ready at any time to react in a timely manner to any incident that can put in danger the stability of your service.

Installation, configuration and software update

We help your with the update and configuration of your server to guarantee its optimal performance and your project’s

Custom technical support

Any situation related to your server, we will help you

Delegated technical support

You can tell us to bring you or anyone from your team, technical support about any kind of topic related to your server or email services

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We’ll help you with the administration of your server with monthly policies so we can help you with any configuration, installation, repair, mitigation of attack or any situation that you may need with your server service.